Salvador Association

The Salvador Association's mission is to promote the integration of people with motor disabilities into society and improve their quality of life, supporting hundreds of people with motor disabilities across various projects in three main areas: Knowledge, Integration and Awareness.

In order to promote inclusion in society and improve the quality of life of persons with motor disabilities, the Salvador Association develops and implements concrete projects that respond effectively to the main needs of people with reduced mobility, and more specifically, motor disabilities.


Promote the evaluation and reporting of Public Spaces belonging to Private entities where the applicable legislation in terms of Accessibility is not respected, namely, Public Services, Museums, Monuments, Restaurants, Hotels, Office Buildings, among others.

The Project was developed under a pro bono model, within the scope of Social Responsibility at DigitalWorks.


App Development for iOS and Android Smartphones, in the style of a "trip advisor" that allows users to evaluate public and private spaces - Monuments, Services, Museums, Restaurants, Hotels, in terms of Accessibility.

The App allows you to identify a space and classify it as Accessible or Not Accessible to citizens with reduced mobility. In addition to the generic evaluation, it is also possible to evaluate the space according to different specific parameters, to share the evaluation in social networks and to add this evaluation to the evaluation in Trip Advisor.

The user can also choose to make a complaint to the competent auditing entities with a simple click on the App, denouncing the spaces that are not accessible and do not comply with the applicable legislation.

  • App Mobile +Acesso

    client: Salvador Association

    project: +Access for All

    technology: Xamarín, PHP, MySQL

    year: 2018

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