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The Agency for Administrative Modernization, I.P. (AMA) is the public institute responsible for promoting and developing administrative modernization in Portugal. Its performance is divided into three axes: service, digital transformation and simplification.
This agency is responsible for flagship projects such as the Citizen's Stores, Citizen's Card and Portal or Simplex Program.


To standardize the web presence of the Portuguese Public Administration and the online services provided to the Citizen, defining good usability practices, application standards and providing a theoretical and practical knowledge tool that allows different public bodies a more efficient digital presentation and the provision of a best online service to the public.


Development of Web Portal - usabilidade.gov.pt - which defines the Usability best practices that must be followed for the development of any Public Administration portal / website, aiming to facilitate the construction and standardization of the structures of sites and portals in the areas of governance. The portal developed using Liferay technology offers, besides theoretical knowledge on usability and UX Design a set of practical components for webdesigners and developers, available for download, as well as a Liferay template for the construction of sites within the Public Administration.

DigitalWorks was responsible for the integral development of the project, namely the production of the contents (texts) of the Guide to Good Practices, developed based on a Benchmark work in several national and international reference sites devoted to this subject, in addition to all Design and development of the Site and Template that is also available online.

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    client: AMA (Agência para a Modernização Administrativa)

    project: Usabilidade.gov.pt

    technology: Liferay, JAVA Spring, Apache Freemarker, HTML, CSS, Javascript,

    year: 2017

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