Cie Plasfil

CIE Plasfil is the Portuguese Industrial unit of the CIE Automotive Group, one of the largest Industrial Groups in the Automotive Sector worldwide, with 98 production centers spread across 17 countries in 4 continents.

CIE Plasfil is a plastic production unit and was the client behind this project.


Due to a high geographic dispersion and the high number of Production Units, there was a need to promote a greater uniformity of processes between the different factories and, above all, the ability to share knowledge.


To develop a Web Portal to share Best Practices and Innovation. To develop an Extranet (similar to a Wiki tool) - CIEWiki -, where all knowledge sharing is available to the different Production Units of the group worldwide.

Directed mainly towards Administrators, Managers, and Production Directors of the different units of the CIE Automotive Group, via the CIEWiki it's possible to view projects / best practices in terms of production, safety, efficiency enhancements, cost reduction, etc., accompanied by detailed technical information, analysis of implementation costs, deadlines, expected return, photos and technical drawings, in an easy, seamless and organized way.

This tool also fosters innovation in Production Units, allowing different stakeholders to edit and create new projects and share them with the rest of the Group throughout the World. Technologically the tool allows one to define and hierarchize profiles, whilst considering data security and the protection of sensitive information, as well as allowing quick editing / creation / viewing of projects, both on Desktop and Mobile environments. It is a Multi-Language platform, available in Portuguese (PT), English (EN), Spanish (ESP), Czech (CZ) and French (FR).

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    client: CIE Plasfil

    project: Cie Wiki

    technology: Wordpress, HTML5, CSS3

    year: 2017

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