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Infotrust is the largest 100% Portuguese company providing business information solutions, founded in 1932 (with IIC designation).

Infotrust owns one of the largest Databases of companies in Portugal and specializes in consulting solutions in Credit and Risk Management and providing commercial information of companies.


After 85 years of presence in the market of commercial information and company databases, the main challenge for DigitalWorks was to contribute to the Digital Transformation of Business and Enterprise (IIC).

How to make the business more agile and adapted to the new times, facilitating access to information by customers, digitizing the process and leveraging sales?


Creation of a new line of business - InfotrustGO - exploring the digital channel through the development of an E-commerce Website, based on Magento technology.

In InfotrustGo, any customer, upon registration, may search companies, purchase credits and acquire management, financial information and credit reports on any company in the Infotrust Database, which is constantly updated.

With this solution, access to information becomes faster, more intuitive and accessible to a potential client, who can manage their personal area completely autonomously and consult / purchase the reports they understand without complications.

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    client: Infotrust

    project: InfotrustGO

    technology: Magento, HTML 5, CSS

    year: 2017

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