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IRGLUX is affiliated in Portugal with the Fine & Country brand, with a geographical presence in Greater Lisbon, Cascais, Comporta Estoril and Porto.

It is a real estate agency specializing in the promotion and sale of luxury real estate for an international audience, being one of the main players in this segment, in Portugal.


IRGlux had a solution of licensed CRM software and local installation, which over the years has become increasingly obsolete and inadequate to the specifics of the Sector and especially the segment / niche where the company operates (luxury real estate ). This lack of adequacy of a central tool in the activity, associated with constant and significant costs, gave rise to the need to look for more agile, cost-adjusted alternatives.


Development of a web / cloud-based solution, developed to measure, based on Open-Source technology and thought together with the client, which allowed the real estate to be a fundamental tool for business development and able to follow the rapid growth of it.

The web-based platform, in addition to the type functions of a CRM, which go through the management of Clients Base, Prospects and Properties, allows to set preferences and match between Customers and Properties, notifying the commercial consultants whenever there is a correspondence between a property and what the customer is looking for. This CRM also included an HR module that allows you to monitor and manage the issues related to your more than 30 employees, namely contractual conditions, vacation marking, training and other relevant information.

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    client: IRG Lux/Fine&Country Portugal

    project: CRM web-based

    technology: MVC.net

    year: 2016

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