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Wonga Group is a giant financial group of British origin, which operates in different countries, mainly in the area of providing short-term credit.

In the market since 2007, Wonga operates exclusively online, in the granting of personal credit.


Short-term lending giant Wonga has invested in content marketing to attract attention to the brand and reach new audiences.

As part of this initiative, the lending company has commissioned us to create an appealing piece of content to attract new clients to London and present the Wonga brand.


Our solution was to create London's award-winning interactive landscape with the city's most famous landmarks in a rotating paralax website.

The website, with animated arcade-style elements and effects, captivates the visitor as it explores the city, revealing curious facts about the city's iconic buildings.

The concept was produced not only in its educational aspect but also as a tool of technical and creative excellence to create unique content that could be shared with friends.

The Website was produced by DigitalWorks, in partnership with the prestigious English Advertising Agency Kurve, responsible for the creative concept.

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    client: London Skyline

    project: Website

    technology: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript

    year: 2014

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