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Founder of GroupM, Mindshare is one of the biggest and most global media agencies in the world. With the concept “full service agency”, it integrates multidisciplinary communication solutions ranging from traditional planning processes to the implementation of 360º connectivity strategies.


The challenge presented to us couldn’t have been bigger: to give technological and technical support to all the needs of one of the biggest agencies in the market, while allowing them to explore creatively and strategically the best solutions for their clients. All this with the comfort and confidence of having a partner capable to guarantee a solution to every demand.


Our answer wasn’t one solution but several. In fact, throughout our existence, we have always been Mindshare’s number one digital partner and a privileged partner in the development of digital projects for their clients.

Together we have developed websites, microsites, mobile apps and social media tools for some of the main brands and companies in the market. We’ve done this always meeting the highest quality standards and the rigorous creative and strategic guidelines of the agency.

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