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SingularityU Portugal is a joint venture that aims to become the main catalyst of a uniquely futuristic and exponential mindset in Portugal. We want to inspire and drive people and businesses to embrace technology as a mean to solve humanity’s grand challenges.

Three organizations joined forces to build SingularityU Portugal – Cascais Municipality, Beta-i and Nova School of Business and Economics – an across sector and long-lasting partnership, joined by Ageas, Galp and Semapa as founding partners, that believes individuals, organizations and our society already possess the power to change the future.


SingularityU Portugal needed a presence in the Web. The goal aimed to create a website to promote and spread the existence of SingularityU Portugal, highlighting it's events, summit and programs as well as presenting the initiative in all areas.


DigitalWorks was invited by Beta-i to fully develop the SingularityU Portugal website, from it's visual design, UX, development and implementation.
The website presents all the information about SingularityU Portugal, it's members, partners, events, programs and summit.

There is additional content with information related to international events, contact forms and news about the initiative.

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    client: Beta-i

    project: Singularity University website

    technology: wordpress

    year: 2018

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