Junior Developers Fullstack PHP – Trainee

Junior Developers Fullstack PHP – Trainee - evora


Trainees 1st Program 2022 - Évora

We are looking for one to three interns, with an academic background in the technology area and oriented towards digital transformation and programming, for a PHP Trainees program in a hybrid model, with 2 days per week at our offices in Évora.

*What do we have planned?

  • To help the trainee(s) acquire more specific skills in programming, namely in PHP and/or its derivatives and frameworks, as well as in development languages for mobile applications, in Android or iOS operating systems.
  • To guide the trainee(s) in the evolution of specific technical knowledge, through the access to theoretical materials, mentoring by qualified and experienced professionals in the field and also by promoting hands-on the referred technologies, so that they acquire practical and concrete experience, participating actively and with gradual autonomy in real projects.
  • At the end of the internship(s), the aim is to incorporate them into the company’s staff, according to their performance throughout the internship.

*How will it take place?

  • The internship may take place in a hybrid system (on site twice a week- Évora);
  • Full-time from Monday to Friday.
  • You will have a prior organization of stages and goals to achieve, in terms of learning, autonomy and performance.

* What do we offer?

  • Work equipment
  • Mentoring, training plan and the prospect of being hired at the end of the internship
  • Internship grant, co-financed by the IEFP for level 6 of the academic qualifications grid

*Who can apply?

  • Candidates with a level 6 university degree in IT or related areas
  • Applicants who have not completed a professional internship co-financed by the Portuguese State/IEFP in the last 12 months, or in the same area and level of qualification.

If you like the programming area, have basic training in the same and want an opportunity to develop and apply your skills and integrate the labour market “giving everything”, do not miss this opportunity! Send your CV to recrutamento@digital-works.com

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