posted on Apr 20, 2018

App “Clube do Cristas” on Smartphones

The App developed by DigitalWorks now comes with new features suited to a younger audience whilst never forgetting the main goal: to foster financial literacy by promoting concepts such as saving money – the younger target audience acquires this by using a fun application where they can learn by playing.


The Clube do Cristas application developed by DigitalWorks has recently been upgraded and became available on smartphones, across both iOS and Android. This is a Mobile application that aims to promote financial literacy and increase savings-related concepts with this audience.

This app, aimed at a younger audience (up to 12 years old), comes with new features available to Crédito Agrícola (Portuguese bank) clients with a savings account Cristas. It has a Cultural Agenda aimed at children, with fun and educational activities and events for children, across the country. A good tip for parents looking for new activities for their children.

It is now also possible to have a Virtual Saver in CA Júnior – the city of Cristas has a virtual bank where children can learn to save by subscribing a savings deposit with the virtual coins they earn in the game. With this deposit you can earn interest and multiply your coins as the days go by with the money applied in the virtual bank.

One can also find new Games and a virtual mini community of friends, where one can invite and add friends to the Club and compete with them to see who earns the most EuroCristas (virtual currency in the Clube do Cristas).

“Version 2.0 of Clube do Cristas is the natural consequence of the evolution of the project and was expected from the beginning of the project in 2016. When the Crédito Agrícola gave us this challenge of developing an App for a younger audience, the idea we presented contemplated the development of native iOS and Android apps of the Clube do Cristas, for Tablet and Smartphone, with all the functionalities now available, having been strategically defined by the Marketing team at Crédito Agrícola to execute it in a phased way and with 2 releases, a plan that was fulfilled. The launch of this second version reaffirms the commitment of Crédito Agrícola in digital communication channels and the trust placed in DigitalWorks to execute part of this strategy”, says Ricardo Rocha, Commercial Director at DigitalWorks.

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