posted on Jan 9, 2018


The commitment to a new digital channel to boost the business and to expedite the process of consulting and obtaining information from its customers were the starting points for DigitalWorks’ intervention.

DigitalWorks was responsible for Digital Transformation at Infotrust, a company with more than 85 years of activity, that is dedicated to the commercial information commercialization of companies.

We were integrally responsible for the InfotrustGO Portal – recently launched in the market – an E-Commerce Portal, with Magento technology, in a 12-month project that involved initial consultation with the client, definition of the business model and logical and functional design of the platform, webdesign of the whole Portal, Development and Implementation.

For Ricardo Rocha, Commercial Director of DigitalWorks:

“This project is one of the good examples of the type of DigitalWorks intervention in the market. We want to contribute to the digital transformation of our customers’ businesses. “Catching up” on a business with 85 years of activity and contributing to its entry into the Digital channel is, for us, very rewarding. We are convinced that InfotrustGO will quickly become a reference portal in this sector and that will contribute to leverage the Infotrust business “.

The InfotrustGO project aimed at the Digital Transformation of a traditional business, with more than 85 Years, betting on a new channel (digital) to leverage the business. InfotrustGO is an E-Commerce portal that allows users (registered customers) to acquire the reports and business information they want, online, through the purchase of credits, without the need for intervention / contact with the Infotrust commercial team .

This ‘revolution’ allows the customer (mostly company managers, entrepreneurs and / or finance departments) expedite its consultation process and obtain the desired commercial information about a particular company, for example, making lending decisions. With InfotrustGO the process is fast and immediate, the client accesses, searches the desired NIF and acquires the desired reports, which are immediately available in their reserved client area “, explains Ricardo Rocha

In addition to this functionality, the InfotrustGO also allows parameterization of ‘surveillance’ services (notifications / alerts) on companies that want to monitor, and the customer notified in real time about any and all changes occurring in these companies – incidences, corporate changes, availability balance sheets or financial information, among others.

The launch of InfotrustGO constitutes a milestone for us, since it embodies our essence of dynamics and innovation, consolidating our commitment to Digital with innovative information solutions for businesses, as well as reflecting our vision of “democratizing” access to business information services and risk management with quality, contributing to a greater knowledge and confidence of markets, organizations and all its stakeholders, says Josué Mateus COO of Infotrust.

Infotrust ( is a Portuguese company, formerly known as IIC – Instituto Informador Comercial, founded in 1932 and which was the first Portuguese Business Information Agency. The company is dedicated to the commercialization of commercial information of companies, namely credit reports, risk reports, marketing information, financial information, among others, and holds one of the largest and most updated Business Databases in Portugal.

The InfotrustGO is a digital technology platform Infotrust and a major source of business information and risk in Portugal, providing a simple and innovative way more than 120 million Portuguese company reports, European and United States.

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