posted on Sep 8, 2016

Digital Works proud member of Drupal Association

Digital Works, a Portuguese company which develops digital solutions, has recently become a member of the Drupal Association.


The Drupal Association is an international organisation which aims to promote and endorse the Drupal software project, its community and growth. It supports the Drupal community through funding/subsidies, infra-structures, training, promotion, distribution, and online collaboration in (



Drupal is a content management framework (Content Management Framework) which is the basis of millions of websites all over the world, in the widest areas. The White House is its most iconic official site ( It can also act as a mediator between different pieces of data and services within the organisations.



“For Digital Works being a part of the Drupal Association allows us, on the one hand, to act as specialists in the Drupal group and, on the other hand, to share and have access to a core of knowledge that will strengthen our skills as Drupal Developers”, states Ricardo Rocha, the commercial director of Digital Works.




Drupal is the fastest growing CMS at a global scale, being the most used platform after WordPress. By comparison, Drupal offers more robust solutions for the corporate world as it is a more scalable, safer and with a better performance; thus being more adequate for Web projects that demand greater complexity and functional pre-requisites which cannot be covered by a WordPress solution.


“For example, in our London office, Drupal is already responsible for about 60% of our ongoing Web projects, mostly due to the demands of our British clients and their specifications. In Portugal, the situation isn’t as obvious and there is still some work that needs to be done in order to “spread the word”; nevertheless, there is a growing interest of clients for this solution, mainly in large and medium-sized  companies”, adds Ricardo Teixeira, Digital Works CEO.


At the moment Digital Works is finishing two Web Portals for two large companies in Portugal which are being developed using Drupal.



“At Digital Works we are positive that Drupal will be the big trend in the next few years and we are certainly one of the best prepared companies to develop projects based on this technology.” concludes Ricardo Rocha.

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