posted on Apr 20, 2018

DigitalWorks develops Portuguese Trails

The website developed for Turismo de Portugal, acts as a search engine on the walking and cycling routes present in Portugal. It is also the objective of this portal to fight seasonal tourism recognized as one of the more serious issues affecting the sustainability of some regions of Portugal.

DigitalWorks has just launched the Alentejo Region on the Portuguese Trails Portal, a Turismo de Portugal website dedicated to Tourism and the national Walking and Cycling offer.

The Website development was done with DRUPAL and DigitalWorks was responsible for all the design, from UI & UX, to development, implementation, as well as, Maintenance and uploading new content. The Portuguese Trails is a recent portal that began by having just the Algarve region and is expected to have all other regions of the country included by the end of 2018.

The Website operates as a search engine on all the walking and cycling routes available in Portugal, with different filters, such as location or by technical characteristics of the course (difficulty level, distances, duration, type of ground, among others).
Useful information about Portugal is also presented, aimed at international practitioners of these activities such as research of accommodation.


“After the «Meetings in Portugal», we continued our work for Turismo de Portugal where ‘Portuguese Trails’ became the latest project. Another Portal dedicated to Tourism and some of the best that our country has to offer, which will be widely promoted internationally and that we are sure will be a huge success. For our team, this is another flagship project, due to its technical complexity, the creative challenge it posed, and the dedication that was required in a project that took over 6 months with the involvement of multidisciplinary teams across both DigitalWorks and Turismo de Portugal. We were very pleased with the end result,” explains Ricardo Rocha, Commercial Director at DigitalWorks.

The objective is that the Portuguese Trails site becomes a channel of reference to the Cycling and Walking communities in international markets and contributes towards a competitive positioning of Portugal as the destination of choice for the practice of these activities.
Its creation also contributes towards fighting seasonal tourism, recognized as one of the more serious sustainability issues for certain regions in Portugal, such as the Algarve, a key tourist destination.

The platform is available in five languages. The Portuguese Trails project aims to capture new segments of tourist demand and encourage the increase in visitors in all regions.

DigitalWorks continues to promote Turismo de Portugal. Recently the company also developed the ‘Meetings in Portugal’ another specialized Portal that aggregates all the relevant information about events held in Portugal.

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