posted on Nov 7, 2018

Does your business need to create a mobile app?

Does your business need to create a mobile app? Discover the advantages of creating this app and how to know if your company really needs it.

It is no longer surprising that most users do their research – and even their purchases – on their smartphone and, therefore, not having a website that supports the mobile version is worrying. This is nothing new! But is a mobile app really necessary?

The number of mobile apps has increased in recent years and have significantly improved the user experience. But to what extent will your business benefit from a mobile app? Is it really advantageous? Will it be useful to your customers or prospects?

Find out everything you need to know about mobile apps and find out if you should join this new form of advertising.

What are the benefits of having a mobile application?

Before you understand how companies are taking advantage of mobile apps, you must be aware of the benefits associated with creating such an app.

Remembering that mobile apps should be seen as a tool that offers new features to its client, so as to have a more immersive experience, not as an extension of the official website of the company.

Disclosure of news

New promotions? Events that will occur soon? Real-time product launches? Whatever the novelty or the extra information to be added, the disclosure must be made in the app because the user will be notified on their smartphone. This way the company maintains a new channel for marketing strategies, which may be the reason for future sales.

Brand recognition

If the user has their mobile app installed, they will never have to enter the company website to find any information they need – or even to find out what’s new. The best part is that whoever installs the app on their smartphone will remember it without there being any reason to do so. However offer value to your users, otherwise, it will be just another app installed and uninstalled almost instantly.

More practical processes

With a mobile app, your prospects – or even your customers – can contact you easily, find information about the company or about a service/product and, if necessary, set service hours or make reservations. If your app offers ease and autonomy to users, it will be their number one choice.

Competitive advantage

If you create a mobile app correctly, you’ll be able to stand out from your competition and retain customers more easily. This is because most business apps are very basic or just a copy of the websites. Yes, it’s great to find information quickly inside an app, but we wouldn’t install something that just gave us this information. Would you?

Make sure your mobile app has the best of your competitors’ apps and more! Basic information, descriptions of services or products, purchase option or mark-to-click, direct contact, location option in order to create a route directly from the person to his / her establishment and anything that can add value to the users’ lives.

Improve customer service

For consumers, this is a deciding factor when it comes to acquiring goods or services with your company or with any other company. This service shows how much you care about consumers and creating an app will allow you to improve your relationship with them.

Try an option to open support tickets that run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is undoubtedly a way of showing your users that you care.

Increase in sales

The mobile app will enable you to be closer to your customer and hence use marketing strategies to increase the company’s sales.

Some common examples of these strategies are:

  • Send notifications (for example, with discounts, limited offers, amonth others)
  • Use copywriting to take the attention of potential customers and create them the desire to buy
  • Use of gamification strategy in order to maintain customer interest (for example, offers after certain consecutive logins, reward-winning systems, among others)
  • Proximity to services (for example, a home delivery service can offer the order tracking directly in the application)

By using these strategies and many more, your mobile app will stay on your customer’s smartphone.

Does your business really need to create a mobile app?

Despite the benefits provided above, most companies invest in apps that:

  • Eventually loose value
  • Never offered value

Why? Because there is no initial planning or even a goal for the mobile app. Not all businesses need apps, and those who do need them must know exactly how to add value to the lives of potential consumers.

The truth is that we have all installed several apps that did not last more than 10 minutes on our smartphones. We have all installed mobile apps that have been forgotten for a few months on our smartphones and eventually have been deleted due to lack of use. And we’ve all installed apps that we use regularly – or very regularly, in the case of some of them.

Being a company that has an app that consumers use very regularly is the goal, but none of this will be possible if you do not start by figuring out if you really need a mobile app. Why don´t  you start by answering these questions below:

  1. Why does my company need to create a mobile app?
  2. What are the reasons that would lead my client to use the company’s app?
  3. Will the app improve the relationship with customers?
  4. Does the customer want to use the company’s app? Will you offer value to their day?
  5. What metrics will help me find out the success or failure of the app?

Based on the answer to these questions, you should have an idea about whether or not to proceed with the creation of the mobile app.

Coming to the end, finally, you may wonder: Does your business need to create a mobile app?

If your answer is yes, DigitalWorks will be happy to meet with your company to assess the needs and requirements for creating a mobile application. Contact us now!

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