posted on Jan 9, 2018

Good Practices Project for CIE PLASFIL and CIE STRATIS

Standardizing processes, sharing success stories and improving efficiency were the main objectives that led to the start of this pioneering project, CIEWiki.

DigitalWorks was the partner selected by CIE PLASFIL and CIE STRATIS, the two Portuguese production units belonging to the CIE Automotive group, to implement a Good Practices sharing project through the development of an Extranet (Wiki-style tool) – the CIEWiki, where all knowledge sharing is available to the different Production Units.

Directed mainly to the Administrators, Managers and Production Directors of the different units of the CIE Automotive Group, at CIEWiki it is possible to consult projects / good practices of production, safety, efficiency improvements, cost reduction, etc. with all the detailed technical information, analysis of implementation costs, deadlines, expected return, photos and technical drawings, in an easy, fast and organized way.

This tool also fosters innovation in Production Units, allowing different stakeholders to edit and create new projects and share them with the rest of the Group around the World. In terms of technology, the tool allows you to define and hierarchize profiles, as well as concerns about data security and sensitive information, as well as allowing quick editing / creation of projects and your query, both Desktop and Mobile environments. of a Multi-Language platform, available in Portuguese (PT), English (EN), Spanish (ESP), Czech (CZ) and French (FR).

“CIEWiki is another good example of Digital Transformation and how with a relatively simple tool developed to the needs of the customer, it is possible to improve efficiency in companies”, according to Ricardo Rocha, Commercial Director of DigitalWorks.

CIE PLASFIL and CIE STRATIS are the two production plants located in Portugal, belonging to the CIE Automotive group, one of the largest World Groups in the manufacture of components for the Automotive Industry, with 98 Production units spread across 17 Countries. ( These two units belong to the Plastics business segment and are responsible for the production of numerous components for the world’s leading automobile brands.

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