posted on Nov 14, 2018

How to create a successfull online store?

Do you want to create a successful online store, but don´t know where to start? Follow the tips we have to offer and start attracting visitors and selling your services every day.

Online stores have been an alternative for many entrepreneurs who want to improve their business or increase profits. These gains are increased due to the possibility of reaching more people interested in the products or services offered.

Setting up a successful online store, however, is not an easy task, it´s quite the opposite. A number of details need to be kept in mind and a number of strategies should be put in place that will help increase visibility and refer visitors.

Learn how you can start setting up your store and what you can not miss if you want to increase your store’s growth.

What does it take to open an online store?

Opening an online store has never been easier than it is these days. However, this easy access has hindered the quality and the possible growth of the stores, since many people create free stores that do not have the bases necessary for success.

Free and limited options such as Shopify, for example, make creation much easier and allow you to start your business in minutes. However, nothing compares to having a professional online store created from scratch by professionals with all the necessary mechanisms for success.

The professional online stores, integrated to WordPress, are created with Woocommerce, facilitating its handling even after creation. In addition, as they are hosted in WordPress, article creation is made easy, something great for them to work the SEO of the website.

If you are ready to start your successful online store, you will need:

  • Domain Registration and Hosting;
  • Agency specialized in creating online stores to create your store in woocommerce;
  • Inclusion of the services or products that will be sold in the store on the Internet;;

How to open an online store in Portugal?

If you want to start your successful online store today, in Portugal, you should be aware of tax issues. Find out a bit more about this and get your hands on it.

Begin by doing a complete planning, where you decide the type of products or services you will offer, how you will attract your target audience and what strategies you will use to lead to the purchase of your products.

With the tips below we believe that your online store will reach the level you always wanted and you will get the financial gains you want.

5 Tips for Having a Successful Online Store

1.      Create your visual identity

Even though it is an online store, the question of visual identity should be maintained. It is important to have a logo, a colour scheme that stays in all your products, advertisements or social networks and a philosophy that is felt in every publication.

When a prospect comes across something that belongs to your online store, can you easily distinguish it? If so, you’re doing a great job!

2.      The platform should have a clean look

It’s no good hiring a professional to create your online store if it doesn´t look clean at the end. By this we mean that there should be no distractions. The customer must enter the website and, automatically, find what they want and have a simple path until the moment of purchase.

If your online store is not simple, intuitive and unconsciously directing your customer, you should hire a specialist to improve it.

3.      Create a customer attraction strategy

It’s no good having an online store with an exceptional look if no one finds it. Creating a strategy for attracting potential customers is, in fact, mandatory!

In this strategy you can use the social networks most appropriate to your business – remember that you do not need to be present at all – work SEO techniques in and out of the store and, something few businesses do, continue to work offline strategy with cards, leaflets or other products.

4.      Define a strategy that leads to purchase

Have you ever heard of inbound marketing strategies? These strategies are meant to attract potential customers – as mentioned above – but also convert them into customers through various strategies and continue to attract them even after the purchase.

Review the entire website and implement these strategies. Some essential points are to capture the contact of the visitor, to maintain a permanent contact through the email marketing, to offer discounts in case of registration, among others.

5.      Specialize in a particular market

If you want to have a successful online store, specialize. Of course, if you have a general store, you’ll be able to attract audiences more easily, but, contrary to what you’d expect, it’s less likely to be sold. This is because the strategy is more likely to fail.

Although it is not complicated to set up a store on the internet, it is difficult to have a successful online store. Following the above tips and maintaining a proper strategy will be essential if your store is to succeed and keep it on the market for many years to come.

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