posted on Jul 27, 2017

DIGITALWORKS DEVELOPS USABILITY BEST PRACTICES PORTAL comes as a reference in terms of Best Practices for Public Administration as well as for companies that wish to develop or improve their web presence.

DigitalWorks was chosen by the AMA (Agency for Administrative Modernisation) to develop the portal is the place where Usability best practices are defined and should be followed for the development of any Public Administration portal / website, with the objective of “facilitating the construction and standardisation of website and portal structures in the various areas of governance in Public Administration, “according to the note on the AMA website.
In addition to the theoretical Usability Guide (Best Practices), which also presents practical examples and references of actual sites that comply with these Best Practices, in it is also possible to find resources and components that are available to web designers and programmers so that they can adapt and use these resources on the websites that they develop as to enhance the citizen’s online experience.
Although is mainly directed at the Public Administration universe, it is not exclusive to these organisms. It is intended to be a reference in terms of Best Practices, and can be useful for any company that wants to develop or improve its web presence, as well as being a useful tool for Designers, Developers and Marketers in general.


DigitalWorks was responsible for the integral development of the project, namely the production of the content (texts) of the Best Practices Guide, developed based on benchmark work carried out across several national and international reference sites dedicated to this subject and in close collaboration with the AMA usability team, in addition to all the design and development of the site and the template that is also made available online. All the project and template provided was developed for the CMS Liferay.

“The project is one of the most outstanding projects in our portfolio, because of its importance, visibility and potential impact. We are proud to be part of a project that will contribute to the Digital Transformation of the Public Sector and to improve the online experience and interaction of citizens with the state and Public Services. At the same time, because of the study and involvement that was required, this project also allowed us to strengthen our own competencies in terms of Usability / UI and UX Design, says Ricardo Rocha, Commercial Director of DigitalWorks Portugal.

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