posted on Jan 9, 2018

Keep Warranty, an App that allows you to organize warranties

The Keep Warranty aims to solve a situation so recurrent today, and that is to keep the guarantees of the products we acquire organized and at a distance from a “touch.” The app will be featured at the upcoming Web Summit.

DigitalWorks has developed an Icontrends App, the Keep Warranty, which allows you to keep all warranties organized and away from a “touch”. The application makes it possible to store the guarantees, once the purchase is made, simply create a new item, take a picture of the purchase receipt, classify it and store it in the App.

In parallel, the Keep Warranty also notifies users when a warranty is about to expire or when it has expired and is no longer valid / usable. The entire App is organized by categories and with a search tool that allows you to easily find the guarantee that is sought.

Already available for iOS and Google, Keep Warranty is an App for Smartphones developed entirely by DigitalWorks, since the creation of Brand and Namming, App structuring, App Design and Programming.

For Ricardo Rocha, Commercial Director of DigitalWorks “This is another App delivered by DigitalWorks. A good idea, with a good execution, that has everything to succeed and to be another work in our portfolio, which fills us with pride! “.

This App will be published and promoted globally and will not be limited to the Portuguese market. The first bet will be on the Anglophone markets and the application is already available in Portuguese, Spanish, French and English.

This is an application developed for Icontrends – a Portuguese startup that proposes to put into practice good ideas, transforming from day to day and based on the use of technology.

Icontrends and KeepWarranty will also be present at the upcoming Web Summit (Nov. 6-9 at Meo Arena, Lisbon) for demonstration and promotion of the app. The Icontrends team will be at the event to introduce KeepWarranty on the one hand and to contact current and potential business partners and investors.

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