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Certis is a certification and quality company in the agricultural sector. Provides quality certification services for all operators in the sector, whether producers, processors or traders, as well as certifications of forest management systems.


Quality auditing processes are, as a rule, exhaustive. They involve the visit of Certis certified auditors to the sites, the evaluation and analysis of numerous parameters and the filling of questionnaires, analysis matrices, varied documentation, until the final certification report is produced.

In this way, the challenge that has been proposed to us has been to streamline this bureaucratic process, digitizing part of the process, in order to make the visits of the auditors, as well as the entire certification process, faster and more efficient.


Our response to the digitally auditing process was to develop an Android APP to be installed on the Certis Auditors' desktops and / or desktop.

  • App Tablet Certis
  • App Tablet Certis
  • App Tablet Certis

    client: Certis

    project: Mobile App and Website

    technology: APP – Phonegap, HTML, CSS, Javascript (Angular.JS), External WS, WebSQL Backend: PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, MongoDB, MySQL

    year: 2015

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