posted on May 15, 2018

DigitalWorks creates App for Salvador Association

This App is part of the Campaign of the Salvador Association – – for a more accessible Portugal, which was recently presented in a Public Session with the presence of the Secretary of State for the Inclusion of People with Disabilities and who has the High Sponsorship of the President of the Republic. 

DigitalWorks was responsible for the full development of the + Access for All” app including Design, Development, integration and launching in the Stores – in a project that took about 6 months and was developed pro bono, under the scope of the company’s social responsibility. The app is already available in Stores – Apple and Google Play.


The app “+ Access for All” aims to help denounce all public and private spaces that do not comply with the current law on accessibility, including Public Services, Museums, Monuments, Restaurants, Business Buildings, among others.

The application works as a trip advisor for Accessibility and allows for the evaluation of each of the spaces, just like when one evaluates a restaurant in other applications, but regarding this particular theme and according to different parameters. It is also linked to social networks and to trip advisor itself which allows the “unification” of these two evaluations, that is, it allows one to evaluate the accessibility of the space through the App “+ Access for All” and to publish this evaluation both in trip advisor as well as social networks.

The app is also linked to the competent auditing entities, ensuring that any negative assessment, that is, any space that is identified as not complying with the accessibility rules, is forwarded to those entities.

On the other hand, the application will also have the positive effect of highlighting the most accessible places, serving at the same time as an important support for those with motor disabilities so that they know what to expect and find.

Ricardo Rocha, Commercial Director at DigitalWorks, concludes that “At DigitalWorks we have always been very sensitive to the accessibility issue and the difficulties that people with reduced mobility or motor deficiency face in their daily lives. At DigitalWorks we had a chance of closely experiencing what these difficulties represent, whenever we travelled to a place without a parking space for the disabled or with the spot illegally occupied, or when we scheduled a meeting with a client and arrived at the place where the meeting was being held only to realise that the building/office was inaccessible, among other situations… So when the Salvador Association presented us with the idea of developing this App, our involvement and willingness to participate was immediate!”.

The “+ Access for All” application is one of the 13 initiatives of  A More Accessible Portugal, the winning project of the Solidarity Award created by SIC Esperança, that was publicly presented this week with the presence of the Secretary of State for Inclusion of People with Disabilities .

This campaign has the High Sponsorship of the President of the Republic who has already tried the App with Salvador himself (Founder and President of the Salvador Association), in the streets of Lisbon.

Find out more about this project here.

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